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Dear friends,



It is with great sadness and reluctance that after 8+ years of effort we are pulling the plug on the website. We appreciate all the help, participation, and encouragement we received from so many of you!


Sadly, the site was never able to garner enough physician and clinic participation to go forward to our next step of bringing the site to the public and proving the point that true free-market medical care is the best solution to controlling both the quality and cost of care.


We were also facing the needed expense of completely rebuilding our website to make it more intuitive, faster, and better able to provide meaningful search results. Keeping true to our promise of never charging physicians to participate nor patients to search, and with so little participation, we simply can no longer justify the expense.



We are proud that we were able to make great new friends and learn so much about the business and politics surrounding the medical profession.


Going forward, we will continue to support and personally participate in free-market medicine as patients. We will also be fully enjoying our retirement here in Las Vegas!



We wish you all the best of success!


Alisa LeSueur


Rob Salter


PS: The site and my email ( will remain active until approximately June 25th.




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